Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Senator Series - Part Three

January 19th, 2012

When the Waters Came Up 

In horror, wind ripping limbs and leaves
She let go of her children
As her trunk was drowned
Above base and branch.

When the waters ran you floated
And found a place,
Be it barren
When you felt the warmth of the sun
You rooted
While unsure
In the soil you found strength
With a sense of what this would become,
Letting out leaves to match
Greens to browns
Height to breadth.

In your time
You shaded others too scared to emerge,
And much later directed those who moved and changed.
Standing tall you kept
Watch over a quiet swamp, feeling everything
To be yours and yourself to be theirs.

When more came
You asked them to sit
Find strength in hard times
Rise above adversity
Be quiet in clamor
Find a place to set anchor until
The energy of life overtakes us in a flash—
In a wave—
And we are gone.

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