Saturday, September 27, 2014

Trees I

Words come out
Affirmation. They send to you
Confirmation to the way,
Yet you know not my true play.

It’s enough for you to allow me
To walk beside you for hours,
Talk and drive and solve—
Not my heart’s dilemma—

Together in kindness with a smile,
Joke and laugh,
Eyes meeting in friendship
Without doubt—For you—

While I sit next to you
Sitting back on the porch
Hoping for, hating, enjoying
The moments of us staying in, staring at the pines.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Point of the Sea IV

What is it that lies before us
Just outside the finger’s contact
The reflection of light to an eye?
What is it in his face that I have to see again and again?

When you started liking photos
I liked yours back with equal intention
And urgency, until I saw the other
Tagged with you and yours.

Drawing back was all I could do.
What was beyond touch was left aside,
Afar, out of sight without attempting glance,
Beyond, without knowing where to look.

The kisses we had on the edge of the sea
Would be the Thirty-year anniversary that never came,
Your lips at the airport would be death’s separation,
An eternal departure where you never look back.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Housing VIII

Where am I?
I don’t know.
Am I trapped in an apartment, bound and gay?
Am I wandering the woods without compass, orientation?
Am I flying away quickly, never to know man’s kind more than I know myself?
Am I tilling the field, seeds thrust into, plowed?
Am I loading large bails of hay, tossing balls?

Or Am I lying on my couch, besotted and being sodomized?
That’s where I must be, hiding in a closet, passed out under the table, 
Vomiting out the window, sick to the stomach in bed, 
Desperate for life beyond the malaise of metaphors.