Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Senator Series – Part Four

January 18th, 2012

 You Remember the Days Long Ago

As your spirit grows faint
The flame around you—within you—delighting.
For you are a great work
Made by great hands
As your branches have ever spread
For him, always shading
His burdened heart in your refuge.
His face has ever been upon you

On this morning you feel the flames of his love;
A consuming fire that has sustained you all along.
By looking up, our vision
And thoughts were lifted higher
Than our normal lives see,
Above the places we never leave to recognize
One larger, taller, greater than ourselves.

You have been a long, faithful servant
Giving a glimpse of the one who will 
Truly never die
Who gives to those life who seek it
Who prepares a place for you
In gardens ever-rich
Where you won't fight to stand strong
Where you will always touch the sky
And feel the sun.

As we were tiring to keep you
You were lifted up
Falling to level ground.
Your way has been but deeper in
And higher up
And a little more girth in between.

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