Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Senator Series – Part Five

January 19th, 2012

Whether by Bike or by Car 

Tires would speed your way.
Never was a trip complete without
A visit
A sight
A moment.

Through the dewy, spring hammock
Excitement would build
As friends were dragged to your feet
To see their expression—astonishment,

This place was yours,
And by being here
So were we.
Standing large, hands would cover eyes
To see your face for the sun. To think
Of all your life had endured
Our own ages are nothing compared.

One look at your rough, holey bark
Would fill a heart with wisdom
Of strength in storms,
Fortitude in floods,
Fidelity in draughts,
Beauty in years
That forge into a fortress
That flourishes as a well-tended rose.

Now into softest earth
Your character decays
Into us where fruit born
Will nourish us to long life.
We were satisfied knowing that as much
As we would never know about this land
About the world
You have known.
Knowing you to have been here
So we could hope to be,
A tree of life to live by.

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Ruth said...

YOU are a gifted writer. I want to publish them all. I Love you!!