Sunday, July 27, 2014

Point of the Sea II

In trembling and wrenching hard the gut
The truth exploded like lava—
Searing, shocking, a splattering mess.

From the ejecta run multicolored fears,
Melting together to a viscous stream
Of purest white, parching water to all

Who fear for the dynamic range of wavelengths—
Energetically passing to another distant planet—
Traveling the darkness alone.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Point of the Sea I

Your smile is near me but you are not.
Your hands are far away but I feel your caress.
What was it we had, could we have it again?

You look not toward the Atlantic,
The voyages sought for are at too great a price.
No amount of months before hand,

No higher rates of savings will make up
The dividends you’re invested in another.
While I see your teeth through gladdened lips

And imagine fingers on areas shaved
I try to avert my eyes from yonder ocean because
My love knows no price too great to say no.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Housing VII

A word to come,
Irresponsible hospitality,
A week of gestures,
Focused eyes, attentive ears,
Accosting cops, cool drinks unsafe.

Pleasant walks bring poor choices near,
Bloody, beaten she falls on his neighbor's eye,
Making her spill her summer lemonade,
Almost a liter, a little at a time.

You only realize you’re a guest too
When your family turns against you.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Iced Over

And useless is the air conditioner.
Sweat rolls down my brow
Before I even turn it off to thaw.
Maybe with time off it will return
To its cooling purpose and save
Our mutual dripping.

Both of us are guilty of running
So consistently despite limitations
That we cause ourselves to fail,
The call to cooling turned to a freezing up.

Here is found a miracle, that by purposed pauses
We never come to emergency. To stop
And rest is not sloth, it is Sabbath.