Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Give Me the Bedtime Stories of Old

November 28th, 2010

Where adventures bring us home

To sheets pleasentley cold

And romances soothing bitter souls

Like cups of hot chocolate,

Warm as a hug from you

Sitting next to me in night light.

At the end of a day filled

with lack of personal connection--

Abrasive, sedentary opinions--

Read with me

Until I fall asleep

Helping with the words yet unknown,

Foreign to the tongue,

To make tomorrow

A little more understandable

Or at least to have the words

To describe it.

As dreams race forward

From the mind of the day

Closing up shop to make room

For evolution of a will

To progress with the future

I want to know you are here

And that you’ll tell me the ending

Before I fall asleep

Under your arm

At your side.

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