Sunday, February 24, 2013

Life Has Been Spinning

Sweetly, with energy and filling
Since the third spin last dropped.

This rotation is coming
To a stop. With it will die a universe
Of friends, places, feelings, memories,
Securities held together by a force so centrifugal
It's predictable that I'd let its motion stop
To respin the direction of life,
Yet again

For a future that seems to continuously jolt
And close a past, endings
To the person I am and now was
To never be again with such definition
That those who never go will never know

As a line whose waters mix
Over time with tides at the ocean,
Only adrift in itself.
Place my line on these currents
And the fourth wave looks finite.

The importance of this wave diminished
More and more by the progression
Until such a day that waves should be wished
To leave a still pond to a life beyond.

On this wave I will ride, as long as his hand
Helps me spin life greater than before,
With promise that the one to follow will last
Until the final waves where reality isn't broken
But rested in.

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