Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Can't Tell You How Deeply I Care

We displayed all the reasons how,
Letting alone the reasons why
I look at you,
And want you.
Your smile brings me close
To a home, warm couches waiting.

Looking out the window at a budding maple
I need to see you
Sitting nearby for class,
At your desk when passing by, 
Approaching as I turn the corner.

Hearing the wind through the window's cracks, 
I need your voice to come to me,
The day about which to talk,
At least a text to say hello,
How'd it go,
Good for you.

While the pain smolders
The last of my carbon gasps for air.
It is life in chambered pressure that consumes
A spirit and yields a heart,
Released after burning
Much truth
Such power
Love reborn.

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