Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Phone Call Comes

September 8th,, 2010

In and I can only smile.

A best friend you are,

One who didn’t always

Pursue friends in friendship.

What has changed that you

Utter words of love and longing

From and to the straightest of ears?

Past society and male mass-images

Do you insert yourself,

Your values to cut away

Fantasies, falsities, and facades.

Your heart has always been

One irradiating all

Incident bodies with goodness,

Smiles being the source

Of the souvenir on their cheeks;

A life line of joy being ecstatic.

While the past found us

Cohabitants and mere friends,

The present finds us

Confidants and fathomless minds,

The ranges of infinite possibilities--

While failing in personal perceptions--

Run past the Laurentides in our discourses

Of ages and theories,

Peoples and ideas

Much past their prime

But given a spotlight again

Which lightens the soul’s heavy loads

And illuminates life’s hazy disconnections.

All is well, in its own place,

Either known or understood;

Nothing beyond the scope of

A brain’s finite fires,

Or a God’s will to his creation.

The day without you

will find the candle’s flicker fading

And my fires fleeting to the caves,

The heights forsaken to the mazes

Of a thought in a skyless corner

And a face turned crooked from the fact.

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