Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh to Be Young

August 6th, 2010

To be in it’s total uncertainty

Of relationships

To women


The world


Of yourself

With growth

And yearning

Wants without reason

In the shadows of action and reaction;

Of the future

To where you’ll be

What you’ll do

Whom you’ll meet

And whom you’ll spend it with;

Of the worlds workings

In elections and buyouts

Stock markets and foreign affairrs

Wars and laws;

Of self-devision

Between God



And company,



And health;

Of longevity

With the mysteries

Of one’s genome

Of Alzheimer’s or sera palsy

Cancer or heart attack

Diabetes or stroke

Aneurism or virus

Or suicide

For all the medical bills

And accumulated life insurance;

Of offspring

In sex

In number

In profession

In fecundity

In happiness

In survival.

Will you continue

Through your own future

Into the future of the world

By your future children

Of the future for the future

Until the future’s end?

But those are the thoughts

of the aging and the aged.

The true thoughts of the young,

If there be any,

Are of whether or not they have

Purpose to live

Things left to discover,

And happiness to have and share.

The world is right



And whole.

Life and all the rest all too quickly follow

Until questions are formed,

Questions beget avatars,

And the begotten are questioned by our ages.

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