Tuesday, July 13, 2010

There Is a Point

June 19th, 2010

A moment so sudden,

At the end of a list

On the return from a party.

Succes first the feeling

Turned lost and asunder.

Don't know where to go

Nor quite what to do.

I sit here and ponder

The life I just knew.

Transparent yet sensory,

Looking for something forgotten--

Remembering what it was to do--

Someone about to come--

The end of the sidewalk--

A cliff to the sea--

The last station of the line.

Not knowing what will be

Life continues

As the trail is now gone--

Mapless wilderness so foreign you aren't scared;

It's but crumbs and fantasy.

Anything fast

Fill up the senses

Pleasure me now as

The stranger keeps knocking,

As if his dark entrance

Might my exit light.

Without remembering

one must forget,

and will kill if the mind stays

on the question too long.

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