Thursday, July 8, 2010

Square By Square

May 10th, 2009

House by house.

Some have swirls

Or smaller quarters.

The barren desert disappears

In water

In sod

In concrete

In light.

How far will nature fly?

Not as far as our reach.

Because it has not wings

Or the will to leave

Or the perception of its end.

We see potential,

It sees limitations.

It gives all it can

Yet we take more than it offers

And squander it on fountains

And lawns

And pools without number

Or concern.

A once unique miracle of life

Can be seen daily at the Bilagio.

It’s origin is unquestioned.

Our miricle of gamling cities

arid suburbs

And desert golf courses

Will soon end.

Our dead will overflow from yards

To sidewalks

To the gutter

Just as people begin to ask where it all went.

With her last breath

Nature will say

She offered herself freely

And we raped her anyway,

Not feeling the raping of ourselves.

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