Monday, March 29, 2010


March 25th, 2010

Why do Lost loves

come to find friendship

after years since the drama

had died? Resurrected are

the pains

and joys of those days

repainted into modern art

In sweet vignette


Impressionism reigns

in the remembering.

The rights were wrong

And the wrongs much worse.

In the airing

Dust is stirred from

Last season’s crops of memory.

Like Bakersfield

We struggle for clarity

In the rationale

Of words




We feel our story

A great one.

We were actors

And our friends the viewers,

But the audience is gone

And the words are electronic.

Is the remembering also digital?

1s and 0s now stand in

for the analogue life

of the last second

and all moments before that

to the first instant of time.

The feelings lose not their wells,

Only many have been covered,

unavoidability forgotten,

or purposefully maintained

For the day when their source should return;

Cannons well tended for war.

Their waters can also be kept to teach

Of mistakes well made

And triumphs too little exalted,

Waters from blood turned baptismal,

From cannons will flowers be fixed

The growth of a life in the utmost.

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