Friday, March 26, 2010


Are you comfortable with computers

With all their ram computing?

Are you comfortable with monitors

With all their light progressing?

Are you comfortable with yourself?

Do you not have parts also moving?

Nuerons for conductors

Nerves for metal wires

Lack of rest for slow processing

Flesh bodies for plastic cases

Brains for hard disks

Déjà vu for ghosts in the machine.

Heart attacks for blue screens of death

Cancer for Trojan viruses

Social norms for standard protocols.

Organ transplants for hardware upgrades

Continuing education for system updates

People's buttons for a keyboard's

Waste for recycling bins


for sleep.

Computers enact responses within

While we enact ours from without.

Reality like inputs

Interpreted, understood and responded to

By electrons through neural pathways

And chemical agents with synapses

to muscle fibers and movement

of matter through time and space.

Emotions shown in 1080p

On the monitor of our eyes

By the projector of our actions

In the space of virtual memory.

While our actions differ

in scale, source, and format,

the one thing uncoded

is virtue.

Such routines result

in heaven and hell,

Bit depths that binary can’t reach.

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