Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Window for a Mirror

Once there was a desk
That would show you what you wanted
In the mirror towering above.
When a thought worth thinking appeared,
It was seen as his face.

Good thoughts developed smiling days.
Others dug lines at arrogant eyes,
Looks only as handsome as an original thoughts,
While ideas orbit the same nose chin ears
Allowing prediction of season
Knowing a mind’s warm productivity
And halting freezes, no wrinkle or glow
Unexpected by a stifled imagination.

Then the mind wondered.
What lies beyond the planets?
To see the world as it had been
And continued being.

Then the mind dreamed
Of what was unremembered,
Imagining that which it didn’t believe,
Recalling the unknowns of a universe
With chaos and a broader center.

As the heavens broke into a thousand
Reflecting pieces, he saw in a jagged shining sea
The endless possibilities of a world outside
Of himself, found in a face that will ever change
In the lights of the sun at a desk placed
With a view through a window showing
Inspiration from without, hoping for lines yielded
From more happiness than not.

Once inspired, the mirror was replaced to find
Courage to gain life through window’s transparent
Glass. Allow the spheres to break, the firmament
To fall, and find roaming grasslands
Grazing yonder to yonder
A world of vistas displaying beauty
And pain, not in vain.

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