Sunday, November 11, 2012

Suicide Series, Part II

I saw I missed your message
While I was distractedly chatting,
Toasting drinks, enjoying treats.
I’m holding my breath
Hoping yours has not yet gone.

As the bathroom sink holds me,
I search in the mirror to know
I am here where you are not,
Though I don’t yet know why
And no longer know my face
By the sorrow you’ve given.

You tired to tell me you were falling
By saying hello,
But I had society to attend.
I thought our plan to climb
The mountain would be enough
To keep you on the trail,
Even as the sword was hanging over head
Until you were under the rope.

Your blood has come to my eyes,
Too all our eyes, and thus we
Know you have come to be in us,
Especially tonight, my birthday.
The balloons have popped.

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