Monday, June 18, 2012

I’m Happy Until I Remember.

The smile leaves my face
From the quiet breakfast table,
Bacon in the light of dawn.

With on my face a soft ray 
I still feel your lips
And phantom limbs,
The weight of a body long overdue.
Though I lost myself
You stick around;
Your breath is at my shoulder,
Body’s smell in my shirt.

After a sleepless night
You are more inescapable.
I raise the knife to cut
One last piece
So myself I may excuse.

I look into the dark
Below the light
Without seeing, knowing what’s there,
It’s moving so fast that
I don’t understand at all.

The life I leave behind
Can not guard my steps ahead.
Fingers on buttons
Turning up the volume
That will never be loud enough
To forget for one moment
The morning that I died.

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