Friday, December 23, 2011

The Greatest Way to Recover

Spring 2011

And in this life discover
Is to be yourself,
For your limits
We'll appreciate,
Though this may sound
Leaving you stunned
                        and led to rest
            Your feet
Must keep walking
For to be you must challenge
Yourself to overcome fear-
's native destructiveness
That blocks haute color
Of a life in deep longing
Where feet never languish
And hearts never break
Attacking only with love
And strength to meet its match
In equal strength to hold back,
Like a child sent to school too young,
Being both conscious and unaware
That your time never stops
Proceeding from space and matter
Means both are on your platter
To dine and deliver as you will
             Subject to evil found in legs
Grown tired and sick of twitching,
Fights to maintain
Divine origin
Along guarantees of Peace and
Balance to destroy selfishness,
And Control,
                                    All illusions to accomplishment
                                    Of a goal long desired,
                                    Ardently sought.

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