Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cats Roll Around In the Pollen

April 6th, 2011

Covered decking, taking in the breeze,

Looking up to me every so often to make sure.

After having sat for quite a while, all of a sudden,

On looking out there you are,

Sitting on a low branch of the maple,

Looking around,

Looking at me,


Then away.

On looking up again, you catch my eye from the corner,

Deep in the limbs of a cedar, your red cloak giving you away,

You spy all the more. Even later you appear again

To visit a Robin that just flew in.

All this time you listen.

Now on a branch over head you let out

A single chirp. Is it time?

Up to the next branch you send a fuller chorus.

Up and Up,

Out and out,

Song to song you sing

Until at the top you stay stalwart.

You turn away from me to face the wind just come again,

With the quick glance away I find you’ve gone.

Did you see what you were looking for?

Did your message get across?

A flint—return, then wings,

Gracing me with the sight of your flight

The quiet song of your body:

Northern cardinal.

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