Monday, May 16, 2011

I’m Looking For You

May 5th, 2011

I’m following the trail.

I know you’ve been here.

From the print in the dirt

To the bench just warmed.

I smell the trail mix you just ate.

Across the lake I heard you laugh.

I’m close.

Don’t stop in your hike.

I’ll catch up.

I’ll find you.

And when we’re together we can

Turn onto that trail we’ve been dying to see

For so long. I’ll hold your hand

If you sing through the trees.

We will see blooming rhododendron,

The flight of butterflies in the Spring,

Pick wild blueberries

And climb up among the laurel

Where I’ll kiss you on the check

And you’ll lend me your lips.

Whenever we get tired we can go

Down near the river and lay among the ferns.

Then when the day is almost over

We can sit on the bank and watch the river reflect,

Until like a petal that touches the water,


You’ve gone in to swim.

I’m not letting go, but you’re gone.

The river is still sending

Ripples until the moment I go in,

After you I swim.

I’m looking for you.

I’m following the trail.

The river regains its reflection.

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