Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When a Friend is Found

February 16th, 2011

To be more than once thought,

It sends a chill,

Is it all for not?

When given one word

From questions conferred,

The heart falls

To yearning for more

Than an unanswered question

And the time spent without

Knowing we could go far

To look in those eyes

And see deepest longing

To share moments

Of silence that belong.

It runs from despair

To the deception of hope

Beyond the grasp of a hand

The heart is a stone

Mine has been thrown

Into a turbulent river

To a land unknown

By Clark or those after

A nation in a brave new world?

Freedom from ignorance,

Still knowledge set to pyre

The fags of a fire

People not welcomed in

But pushed out,

All that’s theirs

Crushed and felled,

Sending feet to edge

Love over ledge.

From hate in moral's name

Will the moral be broken,

Before their time

Before their love

Never joined

Never token.

Born from a legacy

Of socially-scriptured jealousy

For the rights of the majority

On soil claimed for this nation

Where destiny is owned

By no god and no one,

Yet leased to a few

By the fewer—exceptions—

Excepting none from the uniform;

A shirt tested through the ages;

Shoes in a path well-worn;

Security to those who conform.

How far would have been enough

To realize love in unique tread

And unique thread?

Across the mountains

To another sea,

Another ocean,

Another country,

To lands not discovered,

Left unencumbered,

By laws that would limit

The distance of your stride

And the gleam in your eye,

The jump in your heart

And your hair with a part,

The words on your lips,

And a God who never strips

The pride of a man who loved in earnest.

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