Monday, December 13, 2010

How Does Four Years

May 15th, 2009

Separated by one

Become a dream?

It came alive for two weeks

After an absence of the same,

In form diminished.

So much greater is it from a year

In the faces of friends

In buildings changed

In halls where my name

Is no longer spoken

The bells ring.

Is it enough to erase

A connection

Once as deep as the school’s


Angst from a test,

Long days of learning,

Late nights with friends,

Laughs in the lamp-light.

They are whispers to any who listen,

But burdens of life dead to me

As I live on

In other places

With other people.

The buildings


Trees echo

The past:



Run-ins with people

Too long unseen.

Foreign at first

They reagard you.

Standing regarded

They’re distant--

Miles measured in feet.

As I am an outsider

Where is my place?

The bells ring again,

But only I hear them,

If only they tolled for me.

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