Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ferocity Is In The Eyes

November 9th, 2010
Not of a lion
But a man unafraid
Of the imagined predator
And the strength of his gaze.
The stab of a stare in stark salaciousness
Comes easier and deadlier
Than the difficultly of a soul's
Window opened blinds
Letting in what might also fly;
Honesty less sought than needed,
Rarer than an emotion completely shared
Through the glance of the forgotten
And convicted,
Born from the lost
The abuser
The victim,
Healed from the adopter
The cherisher
And the forgiver.
Bearing watts of emotion
Our sockets charge both poles
Of human nature to their places.
If one is to stay
What current will you send
And let be sent?
If records of rock let ring
Their truths from the depths
Below fathoms beyond time
Then sight lines can switch
From one to another
In our own and to others.
Without wanting of whence it wandered
Or wondering when it awoke,
Wither will your force wade?

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