Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Location of Trans-spatial Reoccurrence

Have you ever been somewhere before?
Not that the place is the same,
nor the person inside you,
but here you are again.

You are using the same computer,
newer then, older now.
Then you were using the internet because you had none
Then you went there to escape an empty and foreign apartment
Now you have internet and you try to escape a busy house.
At neither time had you a desk,
but both times this place has found you.
Life from the people around you
without chance of being bothered.
Books for inspiration
and imagination.
Unlike a coffe shop,
there is quiet.
All ingredients for focus and accomplishment;
checks on the to do list.
Then you were new to town,
now you are a year into another one.
Then life was before you,
now you're in the second act,
or is it the third?
Life was in your hand,
Life is on another block,
If only you had the map to get there.
There are a few old signs still bolted on their posts.
To change the present to the future,
like taking up the past,
there's yet a little hope,
not to repeat what has already been tried,
but to reclaim a vision that's fleeted.
Can these moments come to meet,
like universes merging,
vision to reseat,
opportunities reemerging?
By passing through the exit doorway
You claim right to travel through time
To the today and tomorrow
You wanted yesterday,
That last day in the library.

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